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How you can “lick” rape from Egypt!
July 3, 2008, 12:23 am
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Hajib Campaign

GLENN: Okay. I’m going to include this in our free e-mail newsletter at today. You have to see this. But tell me, do you know what the translation is up top?

THOR: Yeah, the translation on that, the Arabic writing says, “You can’t stop them,” meaning you can’t stop the rapists, “But you can protect yourself.” Your creator has your best interests at heart. So basically it’s not focusing on teaching men in Islamic culture that it’s not okay to rape with these radicals but that it’s the women’s responsibility to not incite them to rape. So they need to put the potato sack on.

THOR also noted that: “Last year we heard a very radical cleric in Australia say that Australian women, even non-Muslims who don’t decide to cover up, wear the berka, they are like uncovered meat and they are asking for it.”

Soo…  if you don’t wear the berka, you are asking to be raped. You are like a lollipop with the wrapper off of it.  Well… now that is a PSA we have not seen in the States… YET!

OH I SEE!  I just didn’t get it right away!  WOW!  If only women everywhere knew the secret!  See ladies!  How simple was that?!   Of course I prefer my KAHR… but then maybe I am missing something… Hmmm… what do YOU all think?

                                                Kahr vs Hejab for Safety?

Oh, am I not compassionate enough for the rapist who wish to enter into “marriage contracts” with 1 year olds?  Golly… my bad.  Can’t tell you how I feel about that.  No really.  I mean it.  I can’t.