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Inconvenient? Maybe. Truth? Doubt it.
July 5, 2008, 5:12 pm
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So it seems that the “‘Inconvenient Truth’ Director Seen Filming With Obama“.  Interesting I say.  Now the skeptic in me is left wondering… Hmm…. is this a propaganda film he plans to release to “reeducate the masses” once he is “placed” in office?  I say placed in office because I have a hard time, really hard time believing that he will be actually for real “voted in.”  Why do I say that?  Well because the poll numbers sure confuse me… I mean… they have not changed all that much since he “sealed” the nomination and yet there are MASSES of Hillary people that will NOT vote for Obam-munism.  How can this be?  Am I the only one wondering?  Heck there are sites, blogs, organizations, people raising money for McCain… all former Hillary supporters.  Something smells if you ask me.

I don’t know why I would think he or his campaign would be untruthful… oh yeah, that’s right, I remember now… it is because of things like this: “Reporters initially were told by the campaign that Obama was inside doing a taping for the Democratic National Convention. They later were told he was taping for the campaign’s new media division. That division shoots footage for the Obama Web site.”  Probably isn’t either…

Of course if you read further you find “But a makeup artist on the press bus later spilled that the crew was inside the museum doing a documentary — for the convention.”  Here is the thing, the quotes are mine, because I quoting the news article, the quotes were NOT in the article.  So I wonder about the last part… “for the convention” – did the make-up artist say that?  OR was that added by the Obama loving media?

Read further and it says, “The filmmaker admitted he interviewed Obama, but then told reporters he wanted to clear it with the campaign before talking further about the interview on the record.”  Hmm… would he be so worried about being “on the record” if it were something for the DNC?  Seriously?  Oh but wait… after having time to “think about it” we read that, “Guggenheim finally rode with the press to a hotel around the corner, and Psaki sent another e-mail to reporters clarifying, to an extent: “was a new media taping for the DNC. I am sorry we were not more specific.  We don’t have additional details to share at this time.”

Guess the “additional details” have not been told to him yet…

Inconvenient?  Maybe.  Truth?  Doubt it!


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“is this a propaganda film he plans to release to “reeducate the masses” once he is “placed” in office?”

Perhaps before, since i have yet to see a leftist/liberal give a rats ass about the masses once they have their vote. You see with liberals, if a conservative gets 52% of the vote, then the nation is divided. However if a liberal gets 51% of the vote, then the nation has spoken and he has a mandate.

Why, after our last election where a leftist got elected, not by the popular vote, the leftie commentators were calling for the sacking of conservative commentators since the nation had moved on and there was no need for any Conservatives anymore.

Comment by MK

Hi Pollyticking, I miss ya. I have been bad about blogging regularly since our Nations Birthday!

Hope you are well. MK, that is a scary thought that any voice would be silenced that might be different. How sad. I am praying for your country to be once again filled with common sense. Mine too, by the way. They would all do the same here with 1/2 a chance.

Good post Pollyticking.Sounds very inconvenient, I would not put anything past the Obama camp!

Comment by Angie

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