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Inconvenient? Maybe. Truth? Doubt it.
July 5, 2008, 5:12 pm
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So it seems that the “‘Inconvenient Truth’ Director Seen Filming With Obama“.  Interesting I say.  Now the skeptic in me is left wondering… Hmm…. is this a propaganda film he plans to release to “reeducate the masses” once he is “placed” in office?  I say placed in office because I have a hard time, really hard time believing that he will be actually for real “voted in.”  Why do I say that?  Well because the poll numbers sure confuse me… I mean… they have not changed all that much since he “sealed” the nomination and yet there are MASSES of Hillary people that will NOT vote for Obam-munism.  How can this be?  Am I the only one wondering?  Heck there are sites, blogs, organizations, people raising money for McCain… all former Hillary supporters.  Something smells if you ask me.

I don’t know why I would think he or his campaign would be untruthful… oh yeah, that’s right, I remember now… it is because of things like this: “Reporters initially were told by the campaign that Obama was inside doing a taping for the Democratic National Convention. They later were told he was taping for the campaign’s new media division. That division shoots footage for the Obama Web site.”  Probably isn’t either…

Of course if you read further you find “But a makeup artist on the press bus later spilled that the crew was inside the museum doing a documentary — for the convention.”  Here is the thing, the quotes are mine, because I quoting the news article, the quotes were NOT in the article.  So I wonder about the last part… “for the convention” – did the make-up artist say that?  OR was that added by the Obama loving media?

Read further and it says, “The filmmaker admitted he interviewed Obama, but then told reporters he wanted to clear it with the campaign before talking further about the interview on the record.”  Hmm… would he be so worried about being “on the record” if it were something for the DNC?  Seriously?  Oh but wait… after having time to “think about it” we read that, “Guggenheim finally rode with the press to a hotel around the corner, and Psaki sent another e-mail to reporters clarifying, to an extent: “was a new media taping for the DNC. I am sorry we were not more specific.  We don’t have additional details to share at this time.”

Guess the “additional details” have not been told to him yet…

Inconvenient?  Maybe.  Truth?  Doubt it!


A Birthday Letter to America
July 5, 2008, 5:30 am
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Happy Birthday America!  I must say you still look incredible – even after 232 years!  You are amazing, because it is you that keeps giving the gifts… even on YOUR Birthday you think of others.

I know that these days it seems that Mother Nature and Globe in general get all the attention, but I want you to know that YOU are always on my mind and in my heart.  You see, I know how good I have it being here with you.  You set such an amazing example for me.  You teach me to be strong and generous.  You teach me to set boundaries but still empathize with those around me.  You teach me that all things are possible no matter how large or how small. 

America, I want you to know that I think you are an incredible motherland.  You have welcomed so many children from so many areas and blended this family in such powerful ways.  Showing love, kindness, attentiveness, boundaries and providing an opportunity that is unlike anything I have ever seen in any of the other countries I have vistited.

Thank you America for your vision, your passion, your belief.  Thank you for being a Christian nation and yet a welcoming nation – not judging the religion of others asking only that we respect each others.  Thank you for the freedom you provide to me and my family.  Freedom that I promise you I will not take for grantide.

I know that you are Blessed.  I know that I am blessed to be American.  I am blessed to be able to dress as I want, practice the religion I want, drive the car that I want, work where I want, go to school where I want, live where I want, marry who I want… the list goes on and on!  What GIFTS you keep giving to us all!

America, don’t worry that some other nations don’t feel the same way about you that I do.  Afterall, it is not possible to be liked by everyone… no matter who you are… even Mother Teresa had critics.  I also know that you have had hard times in the past, in fact we may have hard times in the future, heck even some hard times now, but you have created a strong nation that I believe will come through for you, fight for you, keep your honor and honor your gifts to this family – our Nation. 

Well America, I really just wanted to take the time to write you a birthday note and tell you that I LOVE you, I appreciate you, I honor you, I respect you and most of all I am here for you should ever you need anything of me.  It is the least I can do for the many gifts I have received

Happy Birthday America!  God Bless You!

How you can “lick” rape from Egypt!
July 3, 2008, 12:23 am
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Hajib Campaign

GLENN: Okay. I’m going to include this in our free e-mail newsletter at today. You have to see this. But tell me, do you know what the translation is up top?

THOR: Yeah, the translation on that, the Arabic writing says, “You can’t stop them,” meaning you can’t stop the rapists, “But you can protect yourself.” Your creator has your best interests at heart. So basically it’s not focusing on teaching men in Islamic culture that it’s not okay to rape with these radicals but that it’s the women’s responsibility to not incite them to rape. So they need to put the potato sack on.

THOR also noted that: “Last year we heard a very radical cleric in Australia say that Australian women, even non-Muslims who don’t decide to cover up, wear the berka, they are like uncovered meat and they are asking for it.”

Soo…  if you don’t wear the berka, you are asking to be raped. You are like a lollipop with the wrapper off of it.  Well… now that is a PSA we have not seen in the States… YET!

OH I SEE!  I just didn’t get it right away!  WOW!  If only women everywhere knew the secret!  See ladies!  How simple was that?!   Of course I prefer my KAHR… but then maybe I am missing something… Hmmm… what do YOU all think?

                                                Kahr vs Hejab for Safety?

Oh, am I not compassionate enough for the rapist who wish to enter into “marriage contracts” with 1 year olds?  Golly… my bad.  Can’t tell you how I feel about that.  No really.  I mean it.  I can’t.

I want friends in….
June 28, 2008, 4:26 pm
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“Obama’s campaign told The Associated Press the likely nominee will travel to Jordan, Israel, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. The Illinois senator also has said he intends to visit Iraq and Afghanistan this summer; his campaign would not say whether those stops would be part of the trip to the Mideast and Europe.”

“It is unusual for a presidential candidate to travel internationally so close to Election Day, especially in a closely fought campaign. Obama had considered such a trip last year, but the competitive primary with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton made it too risky to spend time away from early primary states.

Obama foreign policy adviser Denis McDonough said the senator wants to consult with leaders of some important U.S. allies about common challenges, including terrorism, nuclear proliferation, climate change, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran.

“He obviously wants to consult with the leaders of those countries but also find an opportunity to speak to the people of those countries about our shared values and goals,” McDonough said in an interview Saturday.”

So…. who is hoping will elect him?  The people of the United States of America or the WORLD GOVERNMENT he so sorely wants to be part of… or maybe leader of… or maybe self proclaimed King of?  Seriously.  Or maybe just maybe this is another “fundraising” trip for the $650 million dollar man!

Oh oh oh and I LOVE this part “The trip also will help address Republican rival John McCain’s criticism that the first-term Illinois senator lacks the international experience to be commander in chief. In particular, McCain and the Republican Party have sought to make the case that Obama has not observed conditions in Iraq closely enough to determine whether his plan to remove all combat troops within 16 months is the right course of action.”

WOW!  Do you guys realize that ANY of us could be experts as long as we are on a plane that touches the tarmac in any foreign country!  WOW!  Oh the countries I am further qualified to pontificate on… or maybe even advise on… shoot howdy, I’m gonna go dig out my passports current and old I could be a foreign advisor for US to places like Japan, Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Korea, Germany – I know I am forgetting some in my excitement… DANG… just LOOK at all the INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE I HAVE!  Heck, I even have HOURS if not DAYS or WEEKS more than Barak. 

1 Year Old Girls CAN Marry & Death is “Cruel & Unusual”
June 25, 2008, 9:18 pm
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Ok, there are a couple topics today that are just plain frustrating.

First, here in the U.S., the Supreme Court was Divided Over Whether to Allow Death Penalty for Child Rapists.  In a 5-4 vote, the court said the Louisiana law allowing the death penalty to be imposed in such cases violates the Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment.  “The death penalty is not a proportional punishment for the rape of a child,” Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in his majority opinion. His four liberal colleagues joined him, while the four more conservative justices dissented.,2933,351528,00.html

Oh yes, even this has NOTHING to do with what is RIGHT or what is WRONG but instead which partyline one is walking… DISGUSTING!

Second, a fine upstanding (SARCASM) Massachusetts Lawmaker’s pledge to ‘Rip Apart’ Child Rape Victims at trials,2933,371344,00.html – Really?  As if the rape of a child is not bad enough, horrible enough or shall we say “Cruel & Unusual” treatment of a child… as if that were not enough, this scum of the earth goes on to say “I’m going to make sure that the rest of their life is ruined, that when they’re 8 years old, they throw up; when they’re 12 years old, they won’t sleep; when they’re 19 years old, they’ll have nightmares and they’ll never have a relationship with anybody.”

My personal opinion is that these scumbags are perpetrators themselves, why else would they be SO APPARENTLY OK with such treatment of a child?  Is it because they fear for themselves that they are so determined to make sure that this ONE area in particular is kept as their little “safe haven” with minimum penalties?

But hey, there is always the middle east to look to for guidance with their blessed ways, religious muslim conservatism and continuous cries for FAMILY VALUES.  I suppose they mean values like, 1 year old girls being able to marry?  No joke,,2933,371581,00.html  Of course, don’t think this is completely insane… I mean al-Mu’bi does say: “You can have a marriage contract even with a 1-year-old girl, not to mention a girl of 9, 7 or 8,” he said. “But is the girl ready for sex or not?” What is the appropriate age for sex for the first time? This varies according to environment and tradition,”

Yes, indeed, what is the appropriate age for sex the first time?  Is it 2?  4?  6?  8?  Huh, and does such thing as “Child Rape” exist when the relationship is based on ownership… OOOPS I mean MARRIAGE papers?

If only FUNDING was somehow tied to the RAPE or STOPPING the RAPE of children.  Maybe then the politicians would find a way to be serious about this.  Maybe then the children would count?  I mean they love to bring the kids out at election time touting the importance of electing them to office or voting for their initiatives because it is FOR THE CHILDREN afterall… yes yes indeed… they need better classrooms, they need different school books, they need better school lunchs, they need breakfast served… they need they need they need… maybe if we paid the thugs to PROTECT them… maybe just maybe

Obama inspires the new Versace fall Men’s line… HUH?
June 23, 2008, 11:41 pm
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This just gets more and more crazy!!  Obama Inspires Milan Men’s Fashion Styles? 


Milan, Italy —  The latest “first” for Barack Obama comes off the Milan runway.

Calling the U.S. presidential hopeful “the man of the moment,” Donatella Versace dedicated her Spring-Summer 2009 collection presented Saturday evening to Obama, creating a style she said was designed for “a relaxed man who doesn’t need to flex muscles to show he has power.”

Chatting with reporters in the cool of the garden of her private palazzo in downtown Milan at an after-show dinner party, the designer also had some fashion tips for the campaign trail. “I would get rid of the tie and jazz up the shirt,” she said.

For the curious… there are photos of this “inspired” line… just follow the link above.

Hmmm… I wonder what kind of fashion he will inspire for women.  I do say…

Hey, how about you wait until you are ELECTED…
June 23, 2008, 4:57 pm
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Seriously does he know something we don’t?

Obama Changes Presidential Seal,
‘E Pluribus Unum’ Removed

“While the Obama seal does include the American bald eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch, the resemblance ends there. 

The Latin phrase “E Pluribus Unum,” which translates to “Out of many, one,” now says “Vero Possumus.” Press reports translate the Latin words as “Truly, we are able” — a rough translation of the Obama campaign slogan, “Yes we can.” 

The deletion of “E Pluribus Unum,” long considered the de-facto motto of the United States, is not accidental for multiculturalists, who have long denigrated the concept that immigrants must strip away their old culture in favor of the “oneness” of American civilization. 

In the 1990s, such activists promoted the alternative concept of the nation’s ethnic “mosaic,” rather than a single, overarching metaphor to describe American society. For example, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has pointedly criticized the “E Pluribus Unum” motto as not reflecting the nation’s diversity. 

Other Obama changes to the seal include the removal of the shield over the eagle’s breast, representing the president’s oath to defend the Constitution. The shield has been replaced with the letter “O” — presumably for Obama — and the image of a rising sun.

Say WHAT?  Has this guy always been this full of himself or have all the photoshopped halo’s gone to his head?  I mean, talking about remodeling the bowling alley in the whitehouse and installing a basketball court was irritating (seems like maybe there are bigger issues at hand for the presedential candidate than say… remodeling the white house… but who am I?  Oh that’s right… I AM THE BOSS… and SO ARE YOU!  Remember that!